Some time ago, when the honey gave its first drop, the turpial wove its first nest and the mud became sacred material. A day in which the living of this world understood the richness of our soil.

With the termite the architect was born, the music in the heavens and under the seas of the Pacific, the branch became a roof and the rain broth. Centuries ago, the first women and men wrote history among vines and fibers, they connected their hands harmoniously with the materials for verses in the form of backpacks, hammocks.


From the center of the Earth emerged a serpent, to roll and embrace four human tribes in a single idea that surrounded the world and embrace several human tribes in such a close and close way, to be a single piece, a single idea, a single art, an immense treasure.

Foundress – Sigrid Arias Saenz

She is our Magician, who managed to unite like-minded Souls to develop a project with magic, where we all seek a single purpose, to join forces and hearts to bring light to the world through pieces woven with love by Indigenous Communities of Colombia.

Sigrid, a woman born in Pereira, Risaralda, always imagined a world of art with ancestral pieces that gave life to timeless treasures.

His legacy will be to leave a better world where our history prevails and lasts in time, where our inheritance is a tool of sustenance that gives us a life of dignity and full of magic.

Leader WAYUU – Greibyes Bruges G.
The Guajira – Colombia

She is our leader, a woman full of magic and light who came our way 7 years ago, searching among so many souls we reached hers and her entire family, with whom we worked together creating Treasures full of History.

Isabel, her mother, her sisters, Joselin, liceth and lili are our family, and together we will continue creating ancestral magic pieces that support the socio-economic development of this WAYUU Community.

From the Colombian Guajira the salt keeps in its memory the history of a town that watches the world from a peninsula. Goat herders and Wayuunaiki songs mark the rhythm of the cotton threads and fibers that dance to create colorful pieces, treasures that contrast with the arid history of a people that has been thirsty but smiles among reddish skins, embraced with smudged hands by the carbon

Leader EMBERA CHAMI – William Nacequia.
Risaralda – Colombia

Williams, is how we call him, a young and happy soul, who leads a displaced but alive Community.

Our Leader Embera has discredited us with his art and his ability to create magical pieces with meaning, together we have built this dream and together we will continue working to preserve their ancestral knowledge and transcend as a legacy of their God Karavi.

The Pacific Ocean has little of pacific, turbulent magic full of spells to its beaches and its jungle spells that enchant those who live around. The Embera people are the result of this magic. Your pieces too. Small dots of color jump over the black and brown skins, forming necklaces, fabrics and countless treasures that draw the rebellion of the Risaralda soul in the soul of those who wear them.

Líder KAMSA – Rosa Tandioy.
Putumayo – Colombia

Rosita, A woman dedicated to all her women, to work for and for them, to dignify her art to make it magical and sustainable.

She, our Leader Kamsa, envelops us with her loom art, with her embroideries and fabrics that symbolize the union and knowledge of her peoples.

Hearts fed corn as yellow as gold and tubers that do not leave the earth without taking a little of it. A people that dresses in joy and wears crowns that sing colors to the sky. Shamans who cure all the ills and pieces that recreate all the goods. In the Colombian Putumayo, treasures are born that, when being used, weave in the soul a door to the magic of the ancestral world.

Association leader Juanitas – Juanita Castillo QEPD.
Nariño – Colombia

Juanita, a magician who managed to bring together more than 200 women in a cooperative of artisans, where together they learn and work weaving in “ Palma de Iraka “.

His soul transcended to another plane but his legacy will continue forever in all of our hearts.

All this magic is still in force, its women continue to work in Sandona Nariño, they give us day by day the magic of their art and the beauty of working with fibers from mother earth.


The magic of a handmade.

Ancestral treasures woven with love by indigenous Wayuu, Kamsa and Embera Chami souls.

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