Our History

Sigrid Arias was born and raised in Pereira, a small city in the coffee region of Colombia. She holds a Business Administration degree in Finance from EAFIT University.

As a young child she fell in love with the work of the Embera Chami Artisans, who would weave and sell their products in the market square. Inspired by their stories, Sigrid sought to find a way to support these communities by helping to improve their socio-economic status while simultaneously preserving their rich, artistic ancestral knowledge for generations to come.

Having completed her first entrepreneurial design course, Sigrid realized her true calling and with the help of the Colombian Indigenous Communities, NAJASH was born in 2014. NAJASH, a word of Hebrew origin, comes from the Spanish transliteration of the biblical snake who tempted Adam and Eva eat from a forbidden fruit tree. It is this snake that will tempt women to buy a NAJASH treasure, and their souls will bring the light of these pieces to every corner of the planet, that’s where #NajashSouls was born.

NAJASH pieces hold a special magic through their combination of different arts, which makes them unique. Sigrid, alongside the Indigenous leaders, Gray, William and Rosa, have developed a true work of love with NAJASH. These unique pieces are currently sold in many countries around the world. Through this teamwork the family and community of these leaders has thrived.

Today Sigrid, a young visionary, entrepreneur, with exceptional talent, maintains this unique brand that will last over time as a magical treasure.

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The magic of a handmade.

Ancestral treasures woven with love by indigenous Wayuu, Kamsa and Embera Chami souls.

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